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Final Fantasy

These are fics related to the Final Fantasy Series of games made by Squaresoft.  I've got a few, as you can see....

FF Tactics

Obscurity :: Three years past the final climax, our hero and his sister are living a quiet life ona  farm on the edges of Ivalice.  However, things cannot remain tranquil, and problems arise - including past events, and new situations.  *SPOILERS* [In progress - @ Ch. 06 currently]

Gilded Jade :: A One-shot on Izlude at Riovanes.  To say anymore, would be spoilers.  Read, though caution - this fic is rated R for gore & violence. *SPOILERS*


Muse of the Shadow :: Thirteen years later after Holy and Metoer have it out, a new Shinra rises with a new man at the helm.  Old heroes may rise again, but some are cold and dead in the grave, while Cloud remains missing.  New, unsung heroes also rise to the call, and mysterious occurences are about to unfold!  *SPOILERS* [In progress - @ Ch. 5 currently]


Adventia :: A rewrite of the old fic Smoke, Mirrors, & Magic, updated and rewritten - fleshed out, and added too.  Involves Irvine Kinneas, new charcters, nd old favorites everyone knows.  Past and present never seemed closer, and chaos is coming. Takes place two years after the end of FFVIII. *SPOILERS* [In progress, Chapter 01 currently] <Don't read Smoke, Mirrors, & Magic all the way through if you wish to read this, as some key points will be ruined.>

Smoke, Mirrors, & Magic :: A tale of family, past, and chaos involving Irvine Kinneas and original characters, plus others of the FFVIII world.  *SPOILERS* [Finished - kept as an old archive, even though it is being rewritten as Adventia]

Gaden of Debris // 3.0 = Lies // Writing of D. "Mintaka" Peal

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