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All nature of insert fics go here, even if I only have a whole... ONE.

Final Fantasy: Sunshine & Shadow :: A rather badly-titled fic which seemingly has nothign to do with FF at all, and randomly wanders all over and into non-game related realms.  Don't try and logicize this; its all random insanity!   [Literally... was the insert source... been at work on this since... what, 2001 or 2002...]  Non-people 'inserts'[other characters & worlds] from VP, SO2, LoM, SoM, original stuff, and random bits unknown.  Worth reading if only for the sheer insanity factor. [In Progress @ Ch. 20]  *RANDOM GAME SPOILERS*

Gaden of Debris // 3.0 = Lies // Writing of D. "Mintaka" Peal

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