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Star Ocean

These are fics from the Star Ocean series of games, predominately [exclusively] Star Ocean: The Second Story aka SO2. The only currently running fic is Spiraling Fates, a fic started to delve into having Ashton & Opera in the same tale, and expanding to rewriting the whole of SO2 history as you might know it. Also here are the Side Stories related to Spiraling Fates focusing on various characters at different times that can be read independent of Fates, but they all inter-relate.

Spiraling Fates :: All 12 will come together, and new twists evolve as they plunge further onward.  Also delving into the realm of the Wise Men, and amounting to general rewites of Star Ocean 2 history.  *SPOILERS* [In Progress @ Ch. 21]

Spiraling Fates Side Stories

Sibling Rivalry :: Ruprecht and Cyril have words over the younger's talk with Indalecio.  Set at about the beginning of Spiraling Fates, somewhere during chapter's 1 & 2.

Insomniatic Pyroclasms :: Decus-centric piece focusing on the troubled [and troublesome] fire-lovin' Wise Man.  Happens when Claude is going to Salva to save Rena from possessed Alen. The title comes from Decus' fire habits mixed with his japanese name's angel description elating to insomnia.  XD  Plus it worked out a good scene/reason for it.

Shadows of the Foresight :: Focuses on Filia and the events of Clik, from Claude & co.'s arrival to their leaving. Long, but worth its read, IMO.  *SPOILERS*

Gaden of Debris // 3.0 = Lies // Writing of D. "Mintaka" Peal

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